podcast |  Civic resistance against the de facto police state in Nicaragua

podcast | Civic resistance against the de facto police state in Nicaragua

Four years after the social outbreak of 2018, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has consolidated a de facto police state in Nicaragua. Few people dare to protest against the rulers for fear of being imprisoned and sentenced in spurious trials. But still locked in their homes, Nicaraguans resist as a form of protest against the regime.

“Isabel”, “Zacarías” and “Sara”, three Nicaraguans besieged by the Police, recount in this podcast Radio Confidential -about our 300th issuehow is life under permanent surveillance. They also explain the reasons that drive them to continue the civic struggle from within the country, despite the Ortega persecution, which intensified in 2021, with the political hunt that raised the number of political prisoners in Nicaragua to more than 180. where 355 murdered between April and September 2018 continue without receiving justice.

“Isabel” qualifies her confinement as a “prison house”, regrets that she cannot go out “even to the corner” of her house to drink a soda, but claims: “this is my country” and “the best fight is the one that It’s done from within.”

For “Zacarías” the mere fact of staying in Nicaragua is already a gain, since, he values, the regime tries to force opponents into exile and considers that the police siege is an example of this.

“Sara”, for her part, recounts the threats she has received from fanatics of the regime in recent days, who are trying to silence those who have a different opinion, even on international political issues.

Here is the second episode of this special series about the Nicaraguan civic resistance. Press play!

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