PN warns that he is behind those involved in Supérate

PN warns that he is behind those involved in Supérate

The spokesman for the National Policecolonel Diego Pesqueirawarned this Tuesday that from the uniformed they will not rest until they locate, apprehend and bring to justice all those involved in the criminal network of fraud of the social program Supérate.

“The National Police, through the Dicat, will not rest until they locate, arrest and bring to justice, via the Public Ministry, all the people involved in this scam to the detriment of hundreds of low-income families”Diego Pesqueira National Police spokesman

Six people were brought to justice for the cloning of cards of the social aids of the Supérate program, after the Public ministry found evidence that, in just one weekend, from February 18 to 20 of this year, the group had subtracted more than RD$14 million from the funds of these government subsidies.

The six defendants are preliminarily credited with having carried out at least 8,659 transactions that, precisely, add up to 14.2 million pesos.

So far, the first six that are under the control of the Public ministry they are the accused Ydalis Maribel López, Yanilda Altagracia Rodríguez Herrera, Jonathan Martínez, Juana Felicia Guillén, Odalia Florentino, and Bernaldo Santiago Hernández Concepciónall owners of the businesses (stores and colmados) that were raided last weekend in North Santo Domingo, where dozens of pieces of evidence were seized that allegedly link them to fraud.

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Prosecutors are requesting that these people be placed in preventive detention, arguing that the Supérate cards belong to vulnerable and elderly people who need those funds to pay for their food and medicine.

The transactions with the cloned cards were carried out in unknown places by the beneficiaries of the subsidies. But, in addition, they were performed at unusual times (especially during the weekend and late at night or early in the morning).

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President Luis Abinader assured this Monday that those who have participated in the fraud of cloning of the cards Supérate “they go to prison”.

The president affirmed that “in this government there is a system of consequences; you can be sure that (…) whoever it is, in that and in any case, whoever steals a chele from this government goes to jail. Listen carefully: jailed “.

The president estimates that this case is “worse”, because it is a robbery in a program like that, which is for those who need it most.

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