The remains of the young Dabel Zapata were veiled at the Savica funeral home in Dajabón and later buried in the municipal cemetery

PN says investigations of Dabel Zapata’s death are advancing

The Police said today that the investigations into the homicide, during a robbery, of Dabel de Jesús Zapata Rosa, son of the deputy for Dajabón, Darío Zapata, are very advanced, so they assure that they will soon capture the four assailants involved in the crime.

This was reported by the institution’s spokesman, Colonel Diego Pesqueira, after stating that dozens of people have been interviewed and that investigators have collected evidence left at the scene of the tragedy, including videos from surveillance cameras in the area.

“The Police, in coordination with the Public Ministry, have carried out the corresponding camera surveys since yesterday morning, have been interviewing dozens of people who could serve as witnesses or who provide information that allows them to locate, arrest and bring to justice the responsible for the crime,” he said.

The remains of the young Dabel Zapata were veiled at the Savica funeral home in Dajabón and later buried in the municipal cemetery

“There are significant advances, we can say that the investigations carried out in coordination with the Public Ministry are very advanced,” Colonel Pesqueira insisted when approached by journalists on the esplanade of the Palace of the Policeman.

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The spokesman for the institution added that “society can rest assured that our investigators will give a satisfactory answer as they have done in other cases. After noon we are going to offer more details of the course of the investigations into the murder of this young man, the son of deputy Darío Zapata”.

He exhorted those implicated in the crime to turn themselves in by the means they consider pertinent so that they can answer for their actions in court.

The incident occurred early Tuesday morning in a fast food business (picalonga), located on the boulevard at kilometer 8 1/2 of Independencia Avenue.

Zapata Rosa was 33 years old and was shot to death, one of which received him on one of his shoulders, causing his death. The criminals escaped from the scene aboard a dark-colored Honda CRV SUV after committing the act.

Deputy Zapata was with President Luis Abinader at the events for the 159th anniversary of the Restoration War at the Capotillo Monument, in Dajabón, when he learned of his son’s death.

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