Nationalists remember Ferreira's speech as a muffled cry of a people who saw their rights violated

PN legislators dissatisfied with the impeachment trial against Cosse. Argimón found out from the press

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Last week, a group of mayors and mayors of the multicolor coalition in the Departmental Board of Montevideo (JDM) approved sending to the Chamber of Senators the request for a political trial to be voted against the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, alleging alleged lack of transparency in the capital administration.

At least two thirds of positive votes are needed in the Upper House for Cosse to be removed from office, an action similar to what is understood in other countries as impeachment.

The senator of the National Party, Sergio Botana, told the newspaper The country that “You will have to take your time to analyze the legal aspects and weigh institutional and political issues” but, above all, “the magnitude of the deviation does not seem to merit the political consequence that the impeachment provides.”

“I understand the impotence of the councilors in the face of the lack of answers (…) with Deputies the same thing happens, but mechanisms will have to be studied to defend crystallinity, the right to information and not lead to political instability,” he added.

The same outlet consulted another legislator -who chose not to say his name-, who described the impeachment attempt as “outrageous” and “insane”, committed by “councilmen who cut themselves off” and who took the National Party by surprise by incurring what they understand to be “an error of political appreciation”.

The same legislator foresees an adverse effect to what the councilors intend: “They gave life to Cosse and the Broad Front.”

Another leader sees impeachment as a “silver bullet”, that is, it is “one shot” that does not have second chances.

“An extreme measure”

For her part, the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón, said on Tuesday that the impeachment attempt against Cosse is “an extreme measure” and that he found out “through the media.”

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