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PN kills two drug traffickers; three agents are injured

The National Police shot dead on Friday night in San Francisco de Macorís, an alleged drug trafficker and another man, during an alleged exchange of fire, in which two other people and three members of the uniformed were injured, including a major.

The fatalities were identified by the National Police as Jarris Almánzar Damián, 45, who allegedly operated a drug point in Las Terrenas, Samaná, and Jeffry Oscar Mejía, 36, whose bodies are in the San Vicente hospital. from Paul.

The injured were identified as Jairo Almanzar, 19, son of the deceased Jarris Almánzar, the female Natali Suriel Hiciano, 29, the police officer Matos Trinidad Martínez and the agents Eddy Frank Boció and Enmanuel Durán Peralta, belonging to the Decrim.

Jarris Almanzar Damian

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It was reported that the police officers receive care in health centers in San Francisco de Macorís, while the woman and the young Jeffry Almánzar, were cured and dispatched at the San Vicente de Paul hospital, remaining under arrest by the authorities.

The confrontation between the police agents and the alleged drug trafficker Jarris Almánzar and his companions took place in front of Los Mártires park, on La Nueva street, San Francisco de Macorís, in the midst of a tenacious persecution by members of the National Police.

The two dead and the two wounded civilians were traveling aboard the white Highlander SUV, license plate PP961518, when the shooting took place. The authorities said that inside the vehicle they seized two pistols, brands Glock and Smith & Wesson with their chargers.

In addition, six cards, four cell phones, a woman’s wallet and other belongings that are in the possession of judicial authorities that are in charge of the investigations of the case, together with Dicrim officials.

The National Police says that against the named Jarris Almánzar, there were several arrest warrants for his participation in different criminal actions and for allegedly being the ringleader of a drug sales gang in Las Terrenas, Samaná.

Almánzar lived in the Los Rieles sector of San Francisco de Macorís, according to the police report, while the other victim, Jeffry Oscar Mejia, the authorities said that he resided at 263 Luis Reyes Acosta street, in Ensanche Luperón, National District.

It was said that from the morgue of the San Vicente de Paul hospital, the bodies of Almánzar and Mejía, will be transferred to the Institute of Forensic Pathology for location purposes.

At the place where the shooting took place between the police officers and the alleged criminals, the authorities said they had collected 31 projectiles.

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A note

arrest warrants
The Police reported that Jarris Almánzar Damián was being persecuted for physically assaulting and intimidating Karina More and Juan Francisco Moya. In addition to shooting Carlos Manuel Galván (Yeison or El Sonso), 28, in Las Terrenas, among other crimes.

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