Director PN supervisa labor de agentes por la zona norte del país

PN Director supervises the work of agents in the northern part of the country

The CEO of the National Police, major general Eduardo Alberto Thenmade a supervision tour of the north coast of the country, where he said he was satisfied with the work carried out by the members of the institution of order and that everything is normal in that area during the Preventive Operation “Awareness for Life Holy Week 2022” .

Major General Alberto Then reported that as part of that day, which takes place on the occasion of the Major weektravels through various areas of the country with the aim of preserving lives and providing security to citizens.

“What we were able to observe is that everything is normal here, I am satisfied with the services that exist here, they are well covered by the military and police, civil defense and other bodies, the volunteers, I see many volunteers wherever I go, In other words, I am satisfied with the supervision that we are doing at this time.”, highlighted the police director, during his visit to La Ensenada beach, in Monseñor Nouel.

PN Director supervises the work of agents in the northern part of the country

He specified that these tours are carried out nationwide, to collect the impressions of each of the visitors, tourists, police and military forces who are stationed on the beaches, resorts and other places where vacationers are found.

On the other hand, when asked about the subject, he specified that the strategies to control crime are secret, they are applied and “they have always given us results in the 40 years we have serving the nation and Dominican society.”


Under the instructions of Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, Generals Orison Olivence Minaya and Claudio Peguero Castillo, deputy director of the institution of order and Inspector General, respectively, continue the arduous work of supervising the preventive patrol tasks carried out by the thousands of agents police in the different strategic points and tourist areas of the country.

The officers In general, during their visit to different beaches and resorts where thousands of citizens enjoy their Easter holiday, they harangued police personnel to remain alert at all times in order to prevent any incident that could threaten peace and well-being of residents and visitors, always taking into account respect for institutional regulations and the fundamental rights of citizens.

Police proximity work

As part of the prevention and supervision day, police personnel from the different specialized areas such as the Central Directorate of Tourism Police (politur) and the Strategic Communications Department, among others, interact with bathers who today visit the beaches of Boca Chica, in Santo Domingo; that of Juan Dolio, in San Pedro de Macorís; those of Palenque and Najayo, in San Cristóbal; the Nizao river, Peravia province, among others, carrying the message of police proximity to strengthen peaceful coexistence.

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