PMT of Asunción increased collection by 95% only in March

PMT of Asunción increased collection by 95% only in March

Juan Villalba, director of the PMT, confirmed that according to the last administrative cut of March 18, a 95% collection regarding fines and infractions by drivers and that at the end of this month, the final percentage will be obtained.

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“In January and February, its average collection was G. 56 million in finesHowever, since I took office, from March 1 to 18, said collection increased to G. 95 million. The firmness of the leadership of the directorate is important to mobilize the troops and above all to do the work that has to be done. On the last day of the month we give our monthly report, ”he explained in dialogue with 1020 AM.

He also highlighted that the fine that collects the most is the improper parking or in places not allowed, either in corners, ramps or blocking pedestrian access, on sidewalks or central promenade.

The most committed offenses are led by motorcyclists, said the director citing that they cross the red light, do not wear helmets, among others.

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Lastly, Villalba noted that the operational changes in the style of work in the Asunción PMT, emphasizing that it is no longer an idle PMT that stays in the corner, but is much more active and participatory. “The total lack of awareness and zero respect for traffic rules They are the ones that must be completely uprooted from the citizenry,” he said.

The entrance PMT of Asunción increased collection by 95% only in March was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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