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PLD supports changes in extinction law

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Aris Yván Lorenzo senator of the PLD for Elías Piña

The spokesman for the block of senators of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Yván Lorenzo announced this morning that they will unreservedly support the Bill of Extinction of Domain, as it was modified in the Chamber of Deputies.

He explained that after the deputies made the corrections required by the different social sectors, the ideal is that the senators in this afternoon’s session turn it into law after reading it. The Senate meets this afternoon at 2:00 and its main item on the agenda is the asset forfeiture bill.

Yvan Lawrence

On his side, the spokesman for the People’s Force in the Upper House, Dionis Sánhez, said that he hoped that at least the project approved by the deputies would be read and a discussion would be opened around it to determine if it would be endorsed as sent by the Chamber of Deputies.


For the PLD spokesman, the most important thing is that, in his opinion, the deputies were sensitive to the demands of the senators themselves and of society that demanded the elimination of several articles of the piece that contravened the Constitution of the Republic.

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“After the Chamber of Deputies made the corrections of place, we are going to support without reservations the Law of Extinction of Domain, even we would propose that it be accepted by the plenary session after being read. Salute the capacity for consensus of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, and the benches of the different parties, then we are going to support it,” Lorenzo said.

The PLD senator added that “it was unfortunate that the claims we made here had the deputies to accept it there, when those corrections could be worked on here.”

Dionis Sanchez

On his side, Sánchez, spokesman for the People’s Force, said he hopes that at least what is approved in the Chamber of Deputies is allowed to be read and discussed by the senators and they can determine if they will support the piece.

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Dionis Sanchez

At the same time, he described as shameful that the Senate of the Republic was not able to reach a consensus to approve the Law of Extinction of Domain, as the deputies did and attributed this fact to the solitude of the leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in the Upper House.

“The same thing that the deputies did was what we asked to be done here, but it was not done because the PRM leadership does not listen to anyone. What happens is that we have a Senate where everything the Executive Branch commands is yes sir and no sir,” he said. Sanchez.

He said that the Senate lacks a leader who is capable of speaking with the opposition, listening and agreeing on issues that are not changed later in the sessions.

For the legislator, the Senate of the Republic is experiencing embarrassments never before seen in its history “with the PRM, which has a majority that does not listen to anyone and that approves everything that comes from the Executive Power even if it violates the Constitution of the Republic.”

“The important thing about what has happened, what has been demonstrated is that the Senate of the Republic needs a leader, a leader capable of listening to all sectors, capable of listening to the opposition,” he said.

He added that “a leader capable of listening to the technicians, there are very good technicians in the Senate, but they do not even allow him to disagree with his opinions, so I do not know why they have a battery of advisers if they want to consult him when it comes to consulting him. suggest it so that they do not say what it is, then it is evident that the Senate needs a leader capable of reaching consensus”.

Sánchez said that the PRM’s senatorial majority does not help President Luís Abinader because it approves everything that comes from the Executive Branch regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

approved it

Last Friday the deputies approved the project in second reading. The 161 deputies had already done so the day before unanimously.

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