"Playing outside of concertation would subtract the opposition in 2023"

“Playing outside of concertation would subtract the opposition in 2023”

The senator and presidential candidate for the Guasu Front, Esperanza Martínez, spoke of the pacts that must be faced with respect and maturity within the concertation, affirming that there is no viable alternative for the opposition outside of it.

«In March we took a step aside to work on a process of internal consolidation, which meant the presence of new political forces with the Guasu Front, which today is called the Ñemongeta. We consolidated the unity process at the territorial level and we were in 7 departments, advancing in what would be the multi-member lists, mainly for the Senate,” said the parliamentarian.

He recalled that once this entire internal process was completed, it would be announced whether or not the Guasu Front would integrate the agreement project, beyond the fact of agreeing or not that it is favorable for the citizenry, taking into account that the Liberal Party it has a leading role in the internal ones with its political forces, its structure and money, against the smaller parties.

“This is the political reality, but thinking of a move outside of the agreement would raise the possibility of two opposition candidates, which in the end would reduce the chances of the sector winning in 2023,” recognized Senator Martínez.

For this reason, in the end, the Guasu Front, being practically the only opposition party with a significant electorate that had not announced its integration into the Concertación, ended up being part of the opposition project that seeks to win a space in the Executive by 2023.

Yesterday they announced their adherence and also on the same day, through Fernando Lugo, leader of the leftist groups, they requested a meeting with all the candidates of the Coalition. Bearing this in mind, tomorrow from 09:00 to 11:00 the first official meeting of the National Agreement is planned, with all its actors, together with the official participation of the Guasu Front.

“The idea is to move forward on that issue, listen to the different candidates and think about how we can build that final space. We are interested in the programmatic agreements and the process of co-government and political governability; Of course, not all of them will reach the end, but we need the forces behind each candidate to maintain a political and strategic governance alliance to support the president or president-elect, “said the parliamentarian.

He asserted that he does not believe in the existence of a loving conciliation, where each sector of the opposition feels happy as in a fairy tale, but in any case there must be a minimum of respect, with clear rules of the game, also having the greatness to respect the results even if it does not seem favorable for everyone. “There will be some kind of electoral contest at the end because it is inevitable and there may be nuances about that, intermediate agreements between some actors,” he determined.

However, he said that the important thing is to have an ethical, political, maturity pact, so that when one of the candidates wins, he is supported by each of the opposition forces, in such a way that he faces the Colorado Party with true programmatic unity. and political governance in 2023.

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