Playing cards over the coffin: this is how they watched the woman who hanged herself

A woman found hanged Monday night inside a room, in the La Gina sector of the Eugenio María de Hostos municipality, Duarte province, was fired while being veiled in the middle of a game of cards using the coffin as a support.

This is Heilyn María Ogando Alejo, 43, a native of Villa Altagracia. The night of her death she was sharing with some neighbors and suddenly she went out to urinate, but she never returned, the police note reports.

It was reported that according to the preliminary version of the police, Ogando Alejo supposedly had a 16-year-old daughter, who became pregnant, a situation with which he did not agree. So he told her that “a curse” would fall on her and she would die in childbirth. The young woman died about six months ago, and since then she remained with some remorse.

This was the wake: cards over the coffin

It is also established that the victim would have sent a voice note to his family group, asking for forgiveness for what he had done. Likewise, he anticipated the decision he was going to make.

Before being transferred to Villa Altagracia where she was from to give her a Christian burial, neighbors and friends played cards over the coffin with her body inside several games of cards. This is because, minutes before her death, she was playing.

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