Playing and watching aquarium fish: last images of little Gabriel, minutes later his father took his life

Playing and watching aquarium fish: last images of little Gabriel, minutes later his father took his life

The innocence and emotion of the child to share with his father was captured on the hotel cameras. The man who would have delivered all the documentation of the little boy when he registered, then took his life in room 205.

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The national dismay over what happened to little Gabriel Esteban, the 5-year-old boy whose father would have taken his life in a hotel room in Melgar does not stop.

to Gabriel Enrique, the 50-year-old man and father of the child, was captured when he was traveling on a bus to Cali. apparently looking for the border with Ecuador to flee.

Very little is known about this man, in fact, there was no arrest warrant and apparentlyuniformed men arrested them when he would have tried to give money so that they would let him continue the trip.

This episode is not the last that has been known, because during this Wednesday Noticias Caracol published a video in which the last moments in which the little boy was recorded alive are observed.

I played and watched the fish

In the images, the boy is seen standing to one side of the hotel lobby, he is entertained by observing various fish.

For his part, his father checks in with one of the hotel employees.

Playing and watching aquarium fish: last images of little Gabriel, minutes later his father took his life
Little Gabriel watched the fish

They detail from Caracol Televiso that everything seemed to be in order, the man delivered his documentation, Civil Registry of the child and all the requirements that were made.

The man was wearing a jacket, had a cap and a mask.

For his part, little Gabriel was wearing a black and blue sweatshirt and also a mask.

The date of the video was Sunday, October 2, the clock marked 9:55 at night.

In the images, what can be seen of the last moments of the child’s life reflect his innocence, how excited he was to see the fish and also to share with his father.

Not knowing the tragedy that would happen later in room 205.

The terrible news arrived by WhatsApp

What is known so far is that the subject took the child last Sunday since he had a permit from a Family Police Station to visit him.

The father and mother had separated, and the child Gabriel was left in the care of his mother, who was given a measure of protection and his ex-partner could not approach him, but they did give him permission to see his son.

So that day he came to pick it up.

child Gabriel Melgar Bogota
A family police station gave Gabriel’s father permission to see him, although he was restricted due to domestic violence with the mother.

The mother, having no other choice, had to let him take him, but it was for a few hours. Then she began a desperate search because the subject did not appear, she did not give an account of the little one.

The terrible news came through a WhatsApp message: “I already tricitico (as I told Gabriel) will not bother her anymore,” wrote the subject, who is also called Gabriel.

«Nooo… my son Gabriel», she managed to answer, before running to the police.

The boy’s father took him to a hotel in Melgar, Tolima, where the employees did certify that they had seen him and that the subject even told him that they would walk and swim in the pool, “and that little angel was happy by the pool«, commented the manager of the hotel.

They did not see him mistreating him, on the contrary, he treated him with great care and spoke well to him.

They were five months apart

The parents of the child Gabriel had been separated for five months, the woman had received a protection order for domestic violence so her ex-partner could not approach her.

However, a family police station gave the man accused of violence permission so that he could see his son, given the restraining order he could not do so at home, so he took him for a ‘walk’ for a few hours.

“He never accepted that we ended and less that I had another partner,” said the woman.

He kept saying things to her, insulting the woman’s partner.

He killed the boy and sent the photo

The mother received a photo of the child in bed, he seemed asleep, but in reality, he was dead.

«Time of death: 3:55 am He did not suffer. Now you can enjoy alone without ‘trisitico’ and without me. Congratulations. You chose the peasant. Until never”, the message that Gabriel Cubillos, dad, sent to Consuelo, the child’s mother.

He suffocated him until he killed him.

The defenseless child Gabriel ended up murdered in a hotel room where he was supposed to have come to enjoy the pool, go for a walk and be with his father for a few hours.

Not only that, the subject told the woman, who had left the warning to kill the child, at her home when she went to pick him up.

“I left a USB stick for him in the bathroom when I went to pick up the boy. Check it out. I am going to murder my son and then I am going to kill myself”, for the mother, everything collapsed. “How I saw that,” is her lament.

The man was captured when he was on a bus on the Melgar – Girardot road and whose final destination was Cali.

Apparently, the subject was looking for a route to the border with Ecuador to flee from Colombia.

The alert issued by the Police served to identify him at the terminal and from there with the highway police he was able to locate him.

History repeated itself: a father ended the life of his little son, he did not accept the separation from the mother

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