Playa Paradisus Los Cabos is awarded the international Blue Flag distinction

Playa Paradisus Los Cabos is awarded the international Blue Flag distinction

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- The Paradisus Los Cabos beach obtained the international Blue Flag distinction for the July 2022-June 2023 season. It is the first time it has received this distinction, becoming the only hotel in the destination to obtain this award for merit. own self.

The beach has a dimension of 165 meters of seafront and 65 meters of coastal extension, it has low to medium waves and a firm substrate, and is one of the favorites of national and international tourists.

Edward Di Luca, regional director of the Mexican Pacific for the brand, said “it is an honor to receive this award, undoubtedly the result of the effort to ensure that our hotels meet all standards of well-being towards our guests, the environment and the entire community.”

Since the reopening of the Paradisus Los Cabos hotel in 2016, the corporate has been implementing a system that reduces the environmental impact and contributes to the preservation of destinations, where the intention is that tourists, suppliers and the team of 500 collaborators join the commitment to different good practices, preventing, reducing and eliminating the negative impact caused by the facilities and activities.

“It is essential that we develop together a positive, social, cultural, economic and environmental progress in the municipality of Los Cabos, while ensuring our guests’ satisfaction and responsibility,” said Osvaldo Fabián Paez, the hotel’s Sustainability coordinator. Paradisus Los Cabos in an interview with El Economista.

Paez said that it is essential “to preserve the beaches where we develop, the marine ecosystem, where we need to take actions that really have an impact to avoid the loss of the beaches, which is the reason why guests choose us. The badge goes beyond cleaning the beach, that maintaining it is already an obligation that each hotel has for paying a federal zone concession.”

He insisted that sustainability is implementing real actions in preservation to prevent the beach from eroding, “if it is detected that it is eroding, timely measures must be taken and the wildlife that is home to our beach must be managed responsibly, as well as informing, educating and generating changes in the behavioral habits of people, in beach users and that is the spirit of Blue Flag”.

It should be noted that the beach awarded with the blue flag, every year from July to December becomes a refuge for sea turtles that come to nest and give life to more than 50,000 little turtles.

Additionally, another species that comes to the beach is the sea rooster, a migratory bird that visits the beach from May to July to give life to its chicks and that the hotel staff protects and cares for.

What is Blue Flag about?

Blue Flag is an international distinction that is awarded to beaches, marinas and boats, with the main objective of rewarding those coastal destinations that have achieved “excellence” in environmental management and management, safety and services, application of environmental education activities and water quality.

The mission of the beach label is to promote the sustainable development of coastal environments, through the requirement of 33 high criteria in water quality, environmental management and education for sustainability.

To achieve this, Blue Flag works by building collaboration scenarios between authorities, users, civil society organizations and tourism service providers, which has allowed it to become a label and an environmental award that is universally known and valued by tourists. and the most important tour operators in the world.

The award is part of the programs developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark that has been operating since 1981, through a network of national non-profit organizations that extend to more than 73 countries. .

During the delivery of the international recognition, Joaquín Díaz Ríos, director of FEE Mexico said that “working with Blue Flag is not taking a picture of a moment that the beach is working properly in environmental terms, it is about implementing a program environmental, an issue that often does not interest those who have to operate the beaches, however, this environmental asset can even be recorded in accounting. This asset does not have to be preserved and conserved only by the municipal, state or federal government”.

Díaz Ríos mentioned in an interview with El Economista that with the Paradisus Los Cabos beach, there are already 61 beaches nationwide that are operating under the global standard. “And what we have achieved in one year, which is a very short time, is very important because now we are joining the municipality that has the largest number of Blue Flag beaches, not only in the Mexican Republic but throughout the continent, there are countries that They don’t have half the beaches in America that we have in Los Cabos.”

Sustainable actions of the Meliá group

The trend is that more and more tourists are better informed about sustainability and certifications, which can make the destination and accommodation more attractive and open up the market.

Osvaldo Paez explained that “now there are more people rigorous in their diet, we not only receive vegetarian or vegan people, gluten-free or who ask for menus with sustainable fishing, for this reason, the Paradisus Los Cabos restaurants have seafood that They are certified with sustainable fishing, brought from local fishing communities and transported under environmentally friendly techniques.

“We check that the fisherman respects the closed seasons, which is something very important to preserve marine life with real contributions to sustainability entrepreneurship and thereby reduce the carbon footprint and better use of water and cold chains” .

The Paradisus Los Cabos hotel, which has been bearing the blue flag since this month, is part of the Meliá Hotels International group, which has the names Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts, ME by Meliá, Meliá Hotels & Resorts, The Meliá Collection, INNSiDE by Meliá and Sol by Meliá, in addition to a broad portfolio of hotels under the Affiliated by Meliá seal.

The hotel group has been recognized for its commitment to responsible tourism and as the most sustainable hotel company in Spain and Europe according to the latest Corporate Sustainability Assessment by S&P Global (Silver Medal 2022). On multiple occasions, Paradisus by Meliá has made known its commitment to social and environmental responsibility based on four essential work points to promote eco-friendly tourism: Mitigate the carbon footprint, reduce water consumption, minimize environmental impact and reduce waste.

Meliá Hotels International is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and is part of the IBEX 35 benchmark, with the ticker symbol MEL.

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