Plate that would belong to a soldier is the key to identify the murderer of a schoolboy in Huancayo

Plate that would belong to a soldier is the key to identify the murderer of a schoolboy in Huancayo

A bad hunch led René Soller to Jr. Las Begonias and Pasaje Santa Lucia in the La Molina Urbanization. His son, Bryan RS (17), had not arrived at his house and as soon as he saw the clothing of the man who was lying on the pampon, he knew that she was his firstborn.

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The desperate mother cried inconsolably asking for the murderer who killed the teenager who dreamed of being an electrical engineer to be captured. The key to find the executioner, was about 7 meters from the body, a military identification plate with the initials of R. Calderon S., which belonged to a member of the Army.

According to forensic doctors, the student who this year was completing the fifth year of high school, had 23 stab wounds in the back, at least 4 in the leg and buttocks, 7 in the face and neck, and others in the head and extremities.

fatal wounds

Of all six of the stab wounds were fatal that pierced his lung and liver, that is, the murderer was furious with the minor who, in his eagerness to remove the dagger, resulted in deep cuts in his hand. The criminal investigation agents questioned the 14-year-old minor, a friend of Bryan’s, with whom he confirmed that they went to the “La Jora” nightclub, but he mentioned that he left the premises, leaving the victim with another young man he did not know.

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Bryan’s relatives, heartbroken, mentioned that 8 months ago the grandfather of the murdered minor died and more than a year ago his 5-year-old brother drowned. René and Nixon, the parents are heartbroken and the only thing they have asked the authorities is the capture of the assassin or assassins who killed the teenager.

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