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Plan “Inspection and inspection” begins in Sucre

Plan "Inspection and inspection" begins in Sucre

With the objective of avoiding acts of corruption in the public administration of the Sucre state, Governor Gilberto Pinto, began this Tuesday, March 28, the “Inspection and control” plan, which is aimed at evaluating and verifying the procedures carried out by public management.

From the headquarters of the Comptroller General of the region, the highest authority assured that the plan is part of the actions promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, to attack acts of corruption that threaten State assets.

“President Nicolás Maduro has made a call to be careful in the management of public resources, given the latest events that have occurred in the country and has firmly initiated a series of decisions of permanent war to face the processes of investigation against corruption”, said the regional president.

He emphasized that the plan will be developed from this March 28 until April 19 of the current year, with the objective of protecting the interests of the people.

He added that the inspection and audit control processes will be carried out by the General Comptroller’s Office to the institutions attached to the Regional Executive and mayors’ offices of the 15 municipalities of the eastern entity.

“All the entities, all the dependencies, the presidents and the governing body of the Sucre state government will be made available for the unannounced, scheduled and verification inspection processes. Fiscal control is typified in the Organic Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic, where the management of public assets must be auditable at all times,” Pinto said.

In this sense, he affirmed that through this program weaknesses will be diagnosed and corrupt acts that put funds at risk by public officials will be avoided.

“In this plan, the first authority of the state reports to the general comptroller of the Sucre state, in the understanding of the principle of collaboration of complementarity of the powers to protect and ensure public goods,” he said.

Plan “Inspection and control” will guarantee efficient public management

He declared that with the application of this important plan that seeks to protect the interests of the people, an efficient public administration will be guaranteed, which will allow the creation of new projects aimed at raising the quality of life of the population.

Likewise, he stressed that the program will ensure the viability and a better application in terms of the use of these State resources, which must be allocated to the social, productive and economic development of the region to strengthen the social protection of families.

“There must be prior and subsequent control of the funds. Public goods belong to the Republic, they do not belong to the official, the Governor, the Mayor, any councilor, legislator or deputy. Therefore, all directors and mayors must be available to comply with this schedule that begins on March 28,” the regional president pointed out.

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