PIT-CNT will request a meeting with the Minister of Labor prior to May 1, announced Abdala

PIT-CNT will request a meeting with the Minister of Labor prior to May 1, announced Abdala

The president of the workers’ union said that there are “issues to discuss” with Pablo Mieres, for example, real wages and inflation.

The Executive Secretariat of the PIT-CNT will meet today Tuesday at its headquarters and there, with the same vision that will lead the May 1that is, in “defense of work and wages”, They will ask for a meeting to “talk” with the Minister of Labor and Social Security, as announced by the president of the workers’ union, Marcelo Abdala.

The objective, he said, is to know what measures are being considered to overcome the “excessive inflationary rise”, the shortage, how they can promote the defense of work and wages to try to ensure that people can “make ends meet ”.

“At the same time, questions related to a meeting of all the private activity organizations linked to the march of the wage councils can probably be raised, adjustments are planned as of July 1”commented the union leader.

In this sense, he assured that there is a “challenge” that has to do with the rendering of accounts that there will be this year, a fact that, in his opinion, not only impacts the “contribution of the State to the generation of quality employment”, but also that also with the compliance of the government with the workers of the public administration that the salary mass would not be affected.

“We do have issues to discuss, yes,” said Abdala, who returns as PIT-CNT spokesperson, after starring in an accident and a subsequent retirement from public activity.

Asked about the proposal of the sector of the Colorado Party, Citizens, who asked to contemplate an additional increase in the next salary councils, Abdala confirmed that this issue will be on the table because the objective of the PIT-CNT is that the real salary does not deteriorate. with current levels of scarcity.

“To defend the salary you have to see it based on that issue. For us, the fact that people’s lives are being reflected on is a positive thing, we are not ruling out any measure, any tool, but the good thing is to focus on some area that can seriously deal with the issue of famine,” he said.

On May 1st, Abdala affirmed that there are meetings in all the departmental plenaries of the PIT-CNT, meetings of the affiliates and the unions to promote actions and preparatory processes for what is going to be a “great massive demonstration in all the country”, in each departmental capital and in particular in the metropolitan area, “where there is going to be a very important mobilization”.

“The axis of the message is going to be that we have to think about what society we are building. There is more inequality, more exclusion, these solidarity days will end in July, what is going to happen to these people, we are going to reform social security, we have to see how it is, if it is for or against the population and in a defense perspective of work and people’s lives. I think that’s going to be the center of concern.”he concluded.

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