PIT-CNT warns about the "imminent closure" from The Unrivaled

On Thursday night, the PIT-CNT issued a statement stating that “in less than a month La Sin Rival must close the establishment.”

The representative of the Bread Coordinating Table, Luis Echevarría, in charge of reporting what happened to the PIT-CNT, stated that La Sin Rival is not complying with the payment of salaries or with the areas of dialogue and defined the critical financial situation that the company is experiencing as worrisome. “The closure may be imminent and will generate the loss of hundreds of jobs. To date, La Sin Rival, owes salaries and licenses of several workers and workers and there is no date for the payment of the bonuses corresponding whose term expires in these days”, pointed out the leader.

According to the communiqué from the trade union, this follows from what happened in the last meeting in the framework of the Wage Councils, and as a result of the non-presentation of the documentation that had been established in a previous meeting with the company authorities. . In this sense, Echevarría recalled that the company representatives had communicated that they would manage a loan and for that they would put the property where the bakery is located as collateral.

According to those responsible for the firm, the property is valued at about $50,000,000. “The truth is that the property is not in the name of a person but of a company and therefore La Sin Rival should officially report what part of the company it has. The truth is that the only thing that the company has submitted to the Cuesta-Duarte Institute so far are some account statements that are sworn statements submitted to the DGI. For example, there are no balance sheets for 2021 and 2022”, highlighted Echevarria.

The leader of the Bread Coordinating Table added that the owner called a meeting of the non-unionized workers and this led to a harsh reaction from the union, which led to a meeting with all the workers last Wednesday. During the meeting there were no news and “Today job uncertainty is enormous, to such an extent that it has led to a very great state of stress among the staff who see their job in danger and that he no longer knows how to continue surviving in these conditions”.

In this situation, The Union of Workers of La Sin Rival, began a series of partial strikes in all sectors and it is not ruled out that this situation will lead to a generalized conflict in the entire branch of activity, which will generate an “unfortunate impact on the supply”.

from the company

In September of this year, when asked by El Observador about the “complex stage” the company was going through, the owner of La Sin Rival, Mónica Calvar, She declared that she was “surprised” by this version of the union about a possible closure and assured that it is not in her plans to lower the curtain. “The company does not plan to close,” he said at the time.. He then added that the company is going through an economic phase as it has gone through on other occasions and that the pandemic had its impact, as it happened with other businesses. “There are no salaries owed here and we are working well; we have to keep rowing,” Calvar said.

The union representatives of La Sin Rival pointed to the general manager of the company, Marcelo Rìos as the culprit of bad management.

This Friday El Observador consulted Marcelo Ríos—who currently presents himself as the firm’s accountant—and preferred not to give statements. “Because of a professional issue, it is not appropriate for me to speak publicly about my clients’ issues,” he said. Meanwhile, the owner of La Sin Rival, Mónica Calvar, did not respond to the inquiries made by this means.

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