PIT-CNT meets with Lacalle this Wednesday: "Hopefully some proposals will be implemented"

The president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, will meet this Wednesday with the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, to deliver a series of proposals elaborated by the trade union center that point to improve the situation of workers.

the plantingdeveloped to a great extent during the act for Workers’ Day, They are aimed at “generating work, adjusting family allowances and the Uruguay Social card, raising the national minimum wage, developing public investment programming in infrastructure and housing that generates quality jobs”as explained by Abdala in dialogue with Underlined.

the trade unionist assured to have “a lot of interest” in the meeting that he will have with Lacalle and hopes that the government adopts some of the measures presented. He understands that despite the fact that employment grew in the last year, this rise “has been with extremely poor wages.”

“We are going to deliver a brief document with the proposals we made on May 1. I imagine that the Executive Power is going to answer some questions immediately and others are going to study them and answer us“, said.

“I hope that some of the proposals for the work and salary of the people that the PIT-CNT made are applied”, he insisted.

In his speech this Sunday, Abdala referred to several of the initiatives. The first is to increase the amount allocated to Family Allowances and the Uruguay Social Card. (TUS) in the next Rendering of Accounts. The amount proposed was US$300 million.

also raised extend solidarity wages, ending this May. Third, he insisted on the need to an increase in the National Minimum Wage and then emphasized the importance of accelerate public works, and there he argued that they generate work and boost the economy. The last two proposals were streamlining of the National Housing Plan and that public purchases are made from national companies. Among the demands of the leader was also the “immediate opening of a tripartite negotiation process where all efforts are planned to generate quality jobs.”

consulted by his insistence on starting a dialogue with the government for social security reform, the leader pointed out this Monday that the PIT-CNT seeks to have a “more comprehensive discussion”, that addresses “broader points of view”, than the one made in the technical commission who dealt with the matter. “There he did not see any financing. Only BPS issues were addressed and not other boxes, such as the military. A prospective of how the world of work will change with new technologies, productivity, which can generate a different base to build the entire social security system, was not analyzed. It seems to us that it was very limited to the issues of the BPS and raising the retirement age when sweeping, “she said.

Mieres points against Astori and asks the FA for “responsibility” to seek consensus

In response to Abdullah, the Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres, affirmed a Informative Carve qthat during the instance there was “too much dialogue”, what was “much more intense and more comprehensive” than during the administrations of the Broad Front. In turn, he agreed that “the reform has to be comprehensive, of the system as a whole,” and made it clear that this “includes the military retirement service.”

“A document of recommendations was reached that is being transformed into a preliminary bill. (…) When it is ready, there will be another dialogue with the parties, in particular, first in the coalition,” he specified. The minister also called for “reinsisting” on an exchange with the Broad Front to reach “the broadest consensus” possible.

“It catches my attention and I am worried that a partywhich represents a significant percentage of the population (…) and who thought that a social security reform had to be carried out, not only has it not voted on some recommendations, but has not presented an alternative”he insisted.

Later, pointed against some leaders of the Broad Front, such as former president José Mujica and former Vice President Danilo Astori, whom he questioned for postponing the social security reform in the past government. “One should ask him: why didn’t he start? In 2017, when he was Minister of the Economy, he told us: ‘This reform is unavoidable, necessary, and it will be the great theme of the next government.’ And he was in the middle of other”.

And he asked the Broad Front to have an “attitude of responsibility”, from the place it occupies in the opposition, to carry out the discussion. “I hope there is an attitude of responsibility, because it is also assumed that they intend to fight the election in the next one, so this issue must be resolved,” he concluded.

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