"PIT-CNT is going to oppose and strike for anything"Lacalle on pension reform

The president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, regretted that the Broad Front had not made “contributions” to the social security reform project and said that the PIT-CNT “He is going to oppose and strike” against “anything” that the government does.

“Us We regret that no ideas were submitted”said the president. And he pointed out that “it has been said for 15 years” that the reform is necessary and that now there is the “possibility” but even so “no contributions are made”.

Let us hope that positive contributions will be made in Parliament for a reform that hopefully will have the maximum consensus. It is just beginning to be applied within two governments. That’s why this is for everyone. It is assumed by this government that does not want to look to the side”, the president continued.

On the other hand, Lacalle said that he is not “surprised” that the trade union center is against the project. “Anything we do –Maybe there is an exception– the PIT-CNT is going to oppose and strike”, he claimed. “We have a commitment to citizenship to move forward,” she concluded.

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, also referred to the Broad Front’s position regarding the pension reform.

“Today the question I ask myself is what is the Broad Front’s proposal regarding social security reform”, Pablo Mieres said to In perspective (Radioworld). “We know you’re opposed to this,” declared the minister.

Like the president He referred to the possibility that once the project is in Parliament —will enter this Friday the 21st— the Broad Front changes its position. “That would be the best option and would be really welcomed by everyone,” Mieres opined.

“But unfortunately we listened, every time an advance was presented, first the recommendations of the committee of experts, then the draft, what we heard was criticism without alternative proposals”, held this Monday.

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