PIT-CNT denounces that even more than 100,000 people eat in popular pots


In the last few hours, the government announced through a decree, the end of the coronavirus health emergency, which had been decreed on March 13, 2020, when the first four cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Uruguay.

The recent decision of the Executive is due to the high number of people vaccinated and the significant decrease in infections and deaths.

There is an emergency that did not end

However, from the PIT-CNT it was expressed that “there is an emergency that has not ended yet.”

“In Uruguay, more than 100,000 people eat in pots and popular picnic areas. The solidarity of the Uruguayan people has managed to sustain it throughout these harsh years of pandemic and economic crisis,” said the PIT-CNT, which is preparing its May 1 event with the return of its president Marcelo Abdala, after having starred in a traffic accident while driving a vehicle and alcohol was found in his blood, a fact for which he had to perform community tasks.

Likewise, the trade union central questioned that “the rise in prices continues to impact the entire society and even more so the most vulnerable population.”

“Household income and worker wages are below the level prior to the pandemic,” lamented the PIT-CNT through its official Twitter account.

The trade union center added: “The commitment that the quality of life of the great majority would not be affected by economic policy seems increasingly distant. The government’s austerity is paid for by the people”.

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