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PIS/Pasep allowance can still be requested by those who missed the deadline

The last deadline to withdraw the PIS/Pasep (Social Integration Program/ Public Servant Assets Formation Program) this year ended yesterday (29), but those who missed the deadline still have a chance to access the money they have right. According to the law that regulates the matter, the amounts remain available for up to five years. PIS/Pasep allowance can still be requested by those who missed the deadline

For this, it is necessary to file an administrative appeal, which can be filed from February 15th. It is always the Regional Superintendence of Labor of each state that processes the requests, but the worker can file the application at any service point of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). All addresses can be found at portal.

There is also the possibility to order by email. In all cases, the address is [email protected]and the letters UF (federative unit) must be replaced by the abbreviation of the state in which the worker resides.

The worker also has other channels through which he can seek help to apply to receive the PIS/Pasep aid for the base year 2020, which was paid in 2022. It is also possible to request payment of allowances with a base year of five previous years, if they have not been withdrawn.

In the Digital Work Card application, available for Android and iOS mobile phones, the worker can check whether he is actually entitled to the benefit in previous years, what amount is available and how it should be paid. Such information can be consulted by calling 153, at the Alô Trabalhador service.

PIS and Pasep allowances are paid to workers in the private and public sectors, respectively. In the case of PIS, payments are processed by Caixa Econômica Federal, and by Banco do Brasil in relation to Pasep.


To qualify for the salary allowance, you must:

* Be registered in the PIS/Pasep program or in the National Register of Social Information (CNIS) (date of first job) for at least five years;

*Have worked for employers that contribute to PIS or Pasep.

*Having received up to two average monthly minimum wages in the period worked.

*Have performed paid activity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year considered for calculation;

*Having the data correctly informed by the employer (legal person/government) in the Annual Social Information List (Rais) or in the eSocial of the base year considered for calculation.

The following are not entitled to receive the Salary Allowance:

*Domestic employee;

*Rural workers employed by individuals;

*Urban workers employed by individuals;

*Workers employed by individuals equivalent to legal entities.

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