Pipe explosion causes sinkhole in Santiago

Pipe explosion causes sinkhole in Santiago

A section of Franco Bidó street in the Los Jazmines sector, in the southern part of Santiagosank this Tuesday caused by the explosion of a pipeline that passes through that area.

The situation left several homes flooded, causing their owners great losses.

Aurora Idelfonso, one of those affected, reported that the pipeline damaged electrical appliances and other furnishings in his residence and those of his neighbors.

While removing the water and mud left in her residence by the breakdown, the lady said that she hoped that the authorities would correct the situation as quickly as possible.

In addition to property damage, the explosion knocked out drinking water to hundreds of families in the neighborhood.

Similarly, the outbreak has created chaos in traffic due to the temporary closure of the Franco Bidó road, due to the current of water that comes from there.

Brigades from the Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation of Santiago (Coraasan), who assess the situation.

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