Pío López Obrador wants exoneration of FGR, accuse PAN, PRD and PRI

Pío López Obrador wants exoneration of FGR, accuse PAN, PRD and PRI

Not giving an opportunity to investigate is what is being pursued, warns Luis Ángel Espinosa Cházaro, coordinator of the PRD federal deputies.

“They want to close a corruption case that not only violates the electoral laws by receiving cash, but just before the electoral times begin, in the face of 2023 – in which the governments of Coahuila and the State of Mexico will be renewed. and to the presidential contest of 2024… and throw the earth under the rug”, he argues in an interview.

The PRD legislator argues that in the same context of resource management, the Morena party has proposed, among one of the points of the presidential initiative for electoral reform, to eliminate public financing for ordinary party expenses (and only maintain financing of campaign), to receive money outside without control of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

The comments of the PRD coordinator are given in response to the publication of a Interview with Political Expansion in which Pío López Obrador urged the FGR to resolve now, thanks to the resolution of a judge, whether or not he is going to prosecute his case, which was triggered after two video fragments were released in 2020 that would prove that in 2015 he had received at least twice cash from hands of David León, former collaborator of the then governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco.

This case was denounced by both the PRD and Acción Nacional (PAN) before the INE –responsible for supervising parties and candidates– and the FGR, since it is illegal for parties to receive resources outside the financial system and without reporting it to electoral authorities. . Today, almost two years later, the case remains unsolved.

For the vice coordinator of the PAN deputies, Jorge Triana TenaPío López already knows in advance that the accusations against him will not proceed, since he enjoys the protection of the FGR.

“He wants the piece of paper that says he is innocent, that is, the de facto exoneration and erases all the antecedents of the possible commission of illegal acts from his file, that is why he accuses the Prosecutor’s Office of inaction… what he is doing is pressing for that. Not so that he is declared innocent, he already takes that for granted because he enjoys protection, he knows that his case is going to be filed, he is going to be bolted, but he is looking for that to be institutionalized ”.

In the opinion of the PAN, the sign that the ruling has already been decided is precisely the lack of resolution and diligence of the FGR to investigate the case, the reluctance of the Prosecutor’s Office to deliver information to the INE so that it can carry out its own investigations in electoral matters and the protection, even, that it has enjoyed from the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

This is because Minister Jazmín Esquivel agreed with the FGR in its refusal to deliver information to the INE, as even the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch ordered.

“All of this is the height of cynicism and that contributes to total impunity, Pío knows he is protected, he knows he has total impunity, he already knows that no one is going to touch him and what he wants is the piece of paper that says he did not commit any crime ”, he exposes.

Protect the presidential family

For Triana, the most serious thing is that this imminent exoneration of the FGR will set the precedent for Martín López Obrador – the president’s younger brother, also recorded receiving money from David León – to be declared innocent.

“We are going to see the precedents that are set in the case of Pio with Martín and with any person who is caught receiving public resources in cash, presumably from a government for an illicit purpose, so that is serious,” says the PAN member.

Meanwhile, the deputy Sofia Carvajal Isunza, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) also stated that it is obvious that the FGR will not act against the relatives of the president. He criticizes that the Prosecutor’s Office works for the uncomfortable of the regime, the opposition, but not for the allies or for the family of López Obrador.

“There is a use of factious justice, there is no justice for all. And the most obvious example is that case, where there is no investigation, there is a shelving and resources can be received for campaigns illegally, like that, but nothing happens. Any jurist can appreciate that it was illegal conduct, ”explained the legislator of the tricolor.

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