Pino: “70 buses without permission to ride were returned”

Yisell Arévalo Castro | January 2, 2023

More than 70 buses that went for a walk to the beaches of Panama West were returned by the National Police, since they did not have the corresponding permits, as announced by the Minister of Security, Juan Manuel Pino, upon his arrival this morning at the National Assembly.

He also confirmed that firearms that tried to enter the beach were seized, and several people with cases were captured.

“We are going to continue with these operations on the beaches, in their accesses and on the roads. The accident that occurred was unfortunate, there were no fatalities, but we must be more responsible,” Pino said.

Regarding the Asset Forfeiture bill, the minister reiterated that the Ministry of Security is not going to withdraw the bill, and that what they want is to discuss it, make the changes and adjustments they need “because Panama requires it.”

“I have taken the importance of this project, because it is important for the country. To carry out this fight against organized crime, we need to have a great work table, because it is not something the ministry wants, it is something the country needs”, the minister reaffirmed.

He assured that this is a one-year project of work with the Judicial Branch, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Public Ministry, the Ministry of Security, it was brought to the Cabinet Council, it was discussed, it was brought to the Assembly. “Enough of the surveys, enough of the consultations, the time has come to sit down at the table. There is some resistance, we understand it”, concluded Pino.

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