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Pink salsa sauce went viral, but it has false nutritional information

Although the recipe for the mysterious food is still secret, it was discovered that the “Pink Sauce” contains milk, honey, garlic, vinegar and an exotic fruit. We share the recipe.


A new product invaded TikTok: the mysterious Pink Sauce -Pink Sauce is its original name in English- a salad dressing of a furious pink color.

The sauce was created by a young woman from Florida, United States, nicknamed Chef Pii. In just under a month, it went viral on the social network showing the curious product as a condiment for fried chicken, tacos and even hamburgers.

After Chef Pii’s videos began to be shared, many people were attracted by the pink sauce and started buying it for $20 plus shipping.

The comments and questions were not long in coming: Why is it pink? Which ones are your ingredientes? What does it taste like? Faced with the silence of its creator, users reacted with criticism and exposing the dubious quality of the product.

what is pink sauce

The “Pink Sauce” is an edible sauce that the tiktoker Chef Pii sells from her account as a condiment or dressing for meals. The creator of it started spreading it on her TikTok profile in early June, pouring it on various foods such as fried chicken, tacos, and other foods.

When asked why it was pink by users, Chef Pii simply posted a video explaining that “I wanted to create an innovative and crazy sauce” and decided to make it pink.

What is the taste of the pink sauce

Several people bought the Red Sauce, tried it and reacted to their liking on TikTok. In their videos they suggest that it tastes similar to ranch dressing, a popular salad dressing made with buttermilk or sour cream, mayonnaise, green onions, garlic powder and different spices.

What people think about TikTok’s pink sauce

After going viral, the pink sauce reached hundreds of people and raised questions about its ingredients and production.

Several users pointed out inconsistencies in the nutritional label of the seasoning. Others claimed that the information provided does not match the actual ingredients and even the data on the packaging is false.

Pink salsa sauce went viral, but it has false nutritional information

Nutritional information of the Pink Sauce. (Photo: thepinksouce.com)

For example, according to the bottle label shared by some buyers, the container is enough for “444 servings”. It is important to note that as can be seen on the product’s website, the sauce contains milk. This makes it very difficult to keep it in good condition, especially if it is not refrigerated.

Referring to the special care dairy products require, one Twitter user said: “If the sauce really has milk in it, then everyone who orders it is eating spoiled milk,” said one Twitter user.

Criticism of TikTok’s pink sauce

Its author’s initial reluctance to share what’s really in the pink sauce made many customers question whether people should buy and consume the product in the first place.

Several users reported that they received the product in poor condition, with a different consistency than the one seen in the videos, or in a color other than the pink with which it is promoted. Others complained that the packaging had arrived damaged and a customer stated that he received it exploded.

The young creator responded to the criticism with a TikTok video in which she apologized for issues related to the dressing’s launch, its packaging, and shipping conditions. She also clarified the nutritional label discrepancies.

Chef Pii said that there was a mix-up when printing the information on the container and that all the problems mentioned will be solved in the next shipments.

Finally, the girl affirmed that her product is legal and safe, and that it is produced and packaged in a facility certified by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

And he added that he has been using the sauce for more than a year and serving it to his clients: “Nobody has gotten sick or intoxicated from consuming it. People love my product.”

What is the recipe for the pink sauce

According to different websites that analyzed it, these are the ingredients of the pink sauce.


* Sunflower seed oil



*Pitaya, or dragon fruit


*Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

*Less than 2% dry spices, lemon juice, milk, citric acid

Although the viral food is available, for now, only in the United States, they advise against consuming products that are not approved by the authorities of each country or of dubious origin.

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