Pico and solidarity plate: these are the vehicles that pay the most

Pico and solidarity plate: these are the vehicles that pay the most

The pico y placa solidarity is an imposed measure by the Ministry of Mobility, with which vehicles can pay a “special permission” to travel along the tracks even having a beak and plate.

(See: Mobility restrictions in Bogotá for the week of recess).

However, not all vehicles pay the same for acquire this benefit.

The Ministry of Mobility reported that those drivers who have their car registered in Bogotá pay the 5% less to those who have it registered in other parts of the country and circulate in the city.

(See: ‘Pico y placa’ in Bogotá: changes that the Mayor’s Office would make to measure).

Faced with this, the Ministry of Mobility invited the citizens of Bogotá to register their vehicles in the capital, so that they do not have to pay more when requesting the ‘beak and solidarity plaque’.

(See: The mayor’s office would be evaluating changes in the peak and solidarity plate in Bogotá).

Pico and solidarity plate in 2023

Faced with how this benefit will apply next year, the Ministry of Mobility has not given details. However it is known that the beak and plate extended It will continue to be in force during the month of December and January of next year, which means that people who have a peak and license plate on their assigned days will not be able to take their vehicle between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.

(See: The new rates that you would have in the Pico and Placa Solidario in Bogotá).


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