PGU: the complete list of requirements to apply for the benefit

The Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) is a benefit offered by the Social Welfare Institute (IPS) that aims to improve the income of the elderly through a monthly payment. As of February, due to the annual readjustment of the Consumer Price Index (IPC), the maximum amount of the PGU is $206,173 for those who have a base pension equal to or less than $702,101. For those who receive between $702,101 and $1,114,446 per month, the amount varies.

Currently, according to ChileAtiende, people who meet the following requirements can apply for the PGU: requirements: be adults aged 65 or over, not be among the richest 10% of the population (requirement modified in April) and receive a base pension of less than $1,114,446.

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