Pfizer vaccines can be used until October 31

Pfizer vaccines can be used until October 31

the minister of Public health, Daniel Rivera, reported on Wednesday that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a three-month extension to Pfi vaccineszer that expire this July 31, extending their use until October 31.

“According to the favorable results in the stability studies of the vaccine Pfizer Biotech RNA against COVID-19, Pfizer obtained the approval of the FDA for the three month extension additional for the useful life of the vaccine”, declared the minister during the weekly meeting with the press.

As expressed by the official, this additional usage time it is not exclusive to the Dominican Republicbut to countries like the United States, Panama and Costa Rica that also use this biological.

The new technical dossier has already been delivered to the General Directorate of Medicines, Food and Health Products (Digemaps) and the batch numbers in stock have been confirmed in writing.

“The vaccine batches, whose expiration date in the bottle was July 31, will now have an expiration date of October 31, 2022,” the official highlighted.

He added that it is “Good news because we have more time to continue vaccinating, we don’t have to look for new resources and (take advantage of) this investment that we have there.”

Patients who have been infected in these weeks are asked wait 30 days after your coronavirus infection to update your schema.

Without letting your guard down

Minister Rivera assured that in Public healthwe have never let our guard down” in relation to COVID-19.

He said that resolution 008-2022 is still in force and that young people with four doses will have mild symptoms.

He pointed out that he awaits the approval of Congress for the purchase of Pfizer kids. “we want it to be this year”, he expressed with great desire.

“An attenuated virus vaccine, such as Sinovac, with a messenger RNA (Pfizer), provide better coverage for responses to variants that may occur, so far we are with the last one, which is omicron”Rivera noted.

“We are interested in the third and fourth dose and that of the children that it continues to rise,” he added.

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