PF has 5 more suspects involved in Dom and Bruno Pereira death

PF has 5 more suspects involved in Dom and Bruno Pereira death

The Federal Police announced this Sunday (19) that it identified eight people involved in the death of indigenist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips, three of whom are in prison and five were identified for having participated in the concealment of the corpses. The prisoners are Amarildo da Costa Pereira, known as Pelado, Jefferson da Silva Lima and Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, known as Dos Santos. So far, only Amarildo has confessed to the crime.PF has 5 more suspects involved in Dom and Bruno Pereira death

According to the PF, investigations continue to clarify all the circumstances, motives and those involved in the case.

This Saturday, the police announced that they had concluded the analysis of the cause of death of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips. Bruno Pereira was killed with two shots in the abdominal and thoracic region and one in the head. Dom Phillips was shot in the abdomen/chest. The ammunition used in the assassination was typical for hunting.

The hunting ammunition used in the crime fires multiple projectiles, called balins. Thus, a single shot can cause a series of punctures caused by small lead spheres. In recent days, the PF confirmed the identity of Phillips and Pereira in the remains sent to Brasília for forensic examination.

The bodies were found after the confession of fisherman Amarildo da Costa Pereira.

Dom Phillips, who was a contributor to the British newspaper The Guardian, and Bruno Pereira, a licensed servant of the Fundação Nacional do Índio (Funai), were last seen on June 5, in the region of the Vale do Javari indigenous reserve, the second largest country, with more than 8.5 million hectares. They were moving from the riverside community of São Rafael to the city of Atalaia do Norte, in Amazonas, when they disappeared without a trace.

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