Federal Police launch Operation Fair Play

PF and Revenue fight money laundering and embezzlement

Federal police officers, Federal Revenue agents and members of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) do today (15) operation against a scheme to sell fraudulent and non-existent credits to offset corporate tax debts. The Credit Podre operation complies with five preventive arrest warrants and 14 search and seizure warrants.PF and Revenue fight money laundering and embezzlement

The Federal Police (PF) reported that up to 7:30 am four people had been arrested in the operation.

According to the PF, the scheme was run by a group of tax consulting companies, which mediate the sale of fictitious credits resulting from legal proceedings owned by third parties, so that tax debts administered by the Federal Revenue Service are settled.

To intermediate the sale of fraudulent credits, the accused charged the victim companies an amount that varied between 40% and 60% of the value of the debts to be compensated.

The money obtained in the scheme was laundered through transfers to bank accounts and property registration in the name of relatives and “oranges”.

According to the PF, the sum of the amounts that were intended to be compensated with the sale of fraudulent credits reaches R$ 100 million. The targets of the today will respond for crimes of qualified larceny, document forgery, money laundering and criminal association.

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