Petro's assets are $1,358 million, according to his income

Petro’s assets are $1,358 million, according to his income

Gustav Petro, who aspires to reach the Presidency of the Republic, announced his 2021 income statement, compliance with Law 2013 of December 30, 2019.

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According to the document, gross equity of the political leader is just over 1,358 million pesos, punctually 1,358,078,000 pesos.

The debts which records, for its part, add up 1,129,004,000 pesos.

As it is, the total of your liquidated equity was 229,074,000 pesos.

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Petro also records gross income of 478,181,000 pesos and a credit balance of 23,191,000 pesos.

It is worth remembering that Law 2013 of December 30, 2019 seeks to guarantee the transparency of public officials.

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Petro will seek to win the Presidency of Colombia on June 19, when the second round of elections is held. His rival is the independent Rodolfo Hernandez.


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