Petrobras monitors crisis between Russia and Ukraine

Petrobras raises the average price of aviation kerosene by 11.4%

The average price of aviation kerosene (QAV) was raised by 11.4% by Petrobras. The increase was announced this Thursday (2), but has been in effect since yesterday. The fuel is used by large aircraft and its increase should impact the final value of air tickets, which had been selling at a high level since the beginning of this year, especially after the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine.Petrobras raises the average price of aviation kerosene by 11.4%

“Petrobras clarifies that the sales prices of aviation kerosene (QAV) to the distribution companies are adjusted monthly, being defined through a contractual formula negotiated by the companies. This practice has been adopted for approximately 20 years, since the first commercial contract between Petrobras and distributors. Petrobras’ QAV sales prices seek balance with the international market and follow the variations in the value of the product and the exchange rate, up and down,” said the state-owned company.

Petrobras highlighted that it sells the QAV produced in its refineries or imported only to the distribution companies. These transport and sell the product to airlines and other end consumers at airports or to resellers. Distributors and resellers are responsible for airport facilities and fueling services.

“The Brazilian fuel market is open to free competition and there are no legal, regulatory or logistical restrictions for other companies to act as producers or importers of QAV”, explained Petrobras.

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