Petrobras increases diesel price by 8.87%

Petrobras increases diesel price by 8.87%

Petrobras announced today (9) a readjustment of 8.87% in the price of diesel for distributors. According to the company, the wholesale price of a liter of fuel will rise from R$4.51 to R$4.91, an increase of R$0.40 as of tomorrow (10).Petrobras increases diesel price by 8.87%

According to the company, this is the first fuel adjustment in 60 days. Gasoline and LPG had their prices maintained.

With the readjustment, the mandatory blend of 90% diesel A and 10% biodiesel will cost the distributor R$4.42 per liter, instead of the current R$4.06, an increase of R$0.36 .

This is Petrobras’ share of the price charged to consumers, which also includes costs and profit margins from distributors and gas stations, in addition to ICMS.

The company justifies the increase by stating that the global balance of diesel is currently being impacted by a reduction in supply compared to demand. “Global inventories are low and below five-year seasonal lows in key supply regions. This imbalance resulted in a rise in diesel prices worldwide, with the valuation of this fuel far above the valuation of oil. The difference between the price of diesel and the price of oil has never been so high”, informs the company in the press release.

Petrobras also informs that its refineries are operating close to the maximum level and that the national refining is not capable of meeting all the country’s demand.

“In this way, around 30% of Brazilian diesel consumption is supplied by other refiners or importers. This means that price equilibrium with the market is a necessary condition for the adequate supply of all demand, naturally, by many suppliers who ensure adequate supply”, explains Petrobras in the note.

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