Petro initiated contacts with the Venezuelan government to open the border

Petro will work on a return plan for Venezuelan migrants

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, will develop a plan for the voluntary return of Venezuelan migrants.

This was reported to a Colombian media by the coordinator of the political organization of Petro Historic Pact, Daniel Rojas.

Rojas added that the plan plans to benefit 2.3 million Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia.

“Yes, it is part of the agenda of our foreign relations teams and the social welfare department because we want to treat them with dignity, guarantee their rights, but also think about a plan for the voluntary return of migrants and within the possibilities that both countries agree on. The splicing process will tell us how it will have to be done. We still do not have all the information to announce decisions, but rather intentions that are enshrined in the government program,” said the political representative.

Relations between Colombia and Venezuela have taken a new direction with the coming to power in the neighboring country of the left-wing leader, who expressed his intention to strengthen political ties with the Venezuelan government.

“We have to normalize relations. This is because we have been here for years and there are complexities in many issues. The border is my main concern. Because there is a strong illegality, very strong. There are also some real possibilities”, Petro recently pointed out in an interview with the Colombian portal Change.

For his part, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured that he was willing to normalize diplomatic relations with Colombia as part of the Bolivarian peace diplomacy promoted by the country.

“A new stage of peace relations of brotherhood and cooperation with Colombia seems to be opening on the horizon. I hope that all of Colombian society and all of Venezuelan society, let’s get in tune,” he said.

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