Petro spoke of Pedro Castillo: "He allowed himself to be led to political suicide"

Petro spoke of Pedro Castillo: “He allowed himself to be led to political suicide”

One day after the explosion crisis in Peru, what left the former president Pedro Castillo dismissed for moral incapacity and detained for rebellion, Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia, referred to what happened.

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For Peter, “Castillo, for being a professor in the Sierra and president of popular election, was cornered from the first day“.

Of course, the Colombian president commented that Castillo He was wrong to try to dissolve Congress, that he had already decided to dismiss him without respecting the will of the people“, using an article of the Peruvian Constitution.

Anti-democracy is not fought with anti-democracy. Castillo failed to mobilize the people who elected him, he allowed himself to be led to political and democratic suicide. Hopefully Peru finds the path of dialoguePetro said.

(See: Pedro Castillo was arrested for the crime of rebellion).

Finally, he said that the great Latin American pact, among all its political and social forces, right-wing or progressive, is the American Convention on Human Rights, but regretted that “not even the secretary general of the OAS respects it“.

It is not with trials without crime, or with parliamentary coups, which progressivism should never imitate, how a peaceful, solid and democratic path for Latin America will be built.“, hill.

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On the afternoon of this Wednesday, December 7, Castillo was preparing for the vacancy motion against him in Congress.

But before that appointment, he surprised with a speech in which temporarily dissolved the legislature and declared a “exceptional emergency government“.

(See: What comes after the political crisis in Peru and the arrest of Castillo?).

Castillo’s justification for his decision was “the disastrous obstructionist work of the majority of congressmen“.

However, the decision he made it was not supported by his cabinet and his ministers resigned. Citizens were also against it.

(See: Dina Boluarte assumes as the first president in the history of Peru).

Hours after the announcement, Congress dismissed Castillo for “moral incapacity” and decreed that the vice president Dina Boluarte assumed the Presidency, which it did.

Castillo was also arrested for rebellion.

Dina Boluarte, the new president of Peru.



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