Petro requested an electrical and energy integration in South America

Petro requested an electrical and energy integration in South America

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, raised, this Monday, August 29, the reincorporation of Chile and Venezuela into the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), as well as the approach Argentina, with the objective of “Raise the voice” of the region of the Americas in the face of global scenarios, such as climate change or the war in Ukraine.

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I think we should be more powerful with more voices. I believe that the requests from Chile and Venezuela should be taken into account. Go back to the first scenario of the Andean Community when they integrated this instrument. If Argentina approaches, better. The more voices we bring together, the more powerful that voice will be on the world stage.”, Petro said during his speech at the 22nd edition of the Andean Presidential Council, in which Ecuador hands over the presidency of the integration bloc to Peru.

Petro recalled that this integration can take place under the subscription of the American Convention on Human Rights, signed in 1972.

Another of the proposals put forward by the Colombian president is to encourage the integration of the region through clean energy electrical connectivity, infrastructure you mentioned “is present”, but which is missing this green matrix.

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Our regions are full of Sun. If we include Chile and Venezuela, our regions are filled with winds, with water (…) Here we have the opportunity to plan another way (contrary to extractivism), which is precisely an energy integration. The cheaper electricity is in our countries, the more possibilities for development there will be”, he mentioned.

In his speech together with the rest of the leaders of the Andean community, Petro mentioned that it is necessary to review drug policy that leaves more than a million dead and imprisoned American citizens.

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I believe that this reality warrants that from the CAN we convene a conference of Central American, South American, and Caribbean countries to discuss drug policy, evaluate, weigh with the numbers, to see if that leads to a port or, on the contrary, we are sinking.“, said.


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