Petro orders intervention in Putumayo: there will be transfer of 400 soldiers

Petro orders intervention in Putumayo: there will be transfer of 400 soldiers

Given the anxiety caused by clashes between armed groups in the putumayo and after the security council that was held in Narino Palace, President Gustavo Petro announced that the region will have a comprehensive intervention with the reinforcement of six squads of the National Army, which consists of 400 uniformed personnel to guarantee the security of the area.

The Minister of the Interior, alfonso prada, gave details of the intervention at the end of the meeting, with the aim of clarifying what the measures to be taken will be. “Within this framework, we announce that we will transfer six additional platoons with 400 soldiers and officers who will be in charge of operations and full control of the territory, increasing the way in which all criminal activity will be intercepted on land and by river,” Prada said. .

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In turn, the government spokesman clarified that they are looking for “block the drug trafficking corridors to the other countries in the south, We will establish contact with the countries on the border, because we noticed an activity on the border that we are going to combat with our forces but also with international support”.

Meanwhile, Prada also emphasized the progress in security that has existed in the area, as he assured that 130 arrests have been made for criminal activities in Putumayo, as well as the destruction of 720 cocaine processing laboratories.

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It is worth mentioning that in Mocoa, capital of the department, this Sunday, November 27, they set off the alarms for the dissemination of pamphlets against the hotel union that has been distributed on social networks.

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