Gustavo Petro suspends his agenda due to medical suggestion

Petro keeps the economic commissions

After having chosen the names that will make up the senate committees, this Tuesday the people who will be part of these from the House of Representatives were also elected.

(Will there be an increase in the tax on occasional gains in the Petro tax?).

In the case of the two economic commissions (third and fourth), the team of the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, has important support that They will help advance their legislative agenda on priority issues such as tax reform.

The two commissions have 62 representatives, 33 of whom are part of the third, Finance and Public Credit. In this, the support would be more inclined towards the new government, which has 21 chairs of parties that have expressed themselves in favor of the president’s future legislative agenda. Thanks to Los Comunes, the Historical Pact, the Liberals, the Greens, La U and adding to the peace seats, this number is reached.

For its part, the Democratic Center, as an opposition party, will have three seats on this commission. The congressmen who will represent him are Óscar Darío Pérez, Christian Garcés and Holmes Echeverría.

(Colombia in terms of foreign trade that Petro receives).

Other names that stand out within the composition of the third commission are Katherine Miranda, from Verde (elected president); Támara Argote, from the Historical Pact and Silvio Carrasquilla, from the Liberal.

Some of the issues dealt with by this commission are taxes, tax exemptions, laws on the Banco de la República, among others. These issues have been central in the economic debate in recent days, given that one of the first steps that the new government will take will be the processing of the tax reform.

In the fourth commission, the government will also have majority support, 17 of the 29 seats will be occupied by congressmen whose parties will support Petro’s agenda.

This has within its functions aspects related to the Budget and will be in charge of issues of financial fiscal control, alienation and allocation of national assets, among others.

The Historical Pact will have three congressmen there: María del Mar Pizarro, Gloria Arizabaleta and Íngrid Aguirre. The Democratic Center will also have three names: Yenica Acosta, Carlos Edward Osorio and Hugo Danilo Lozano.

The day also defined who will chair these commissions: Katherine Miranda will be in charge of the Third and Jezmi Barraza the Fourth, of the Green and Liberal respectively. The presidents of these join Gustavo Bolívar and Paulino Riascos, who remained in these positions in the Senate.

As it has been known, they will be followed by congressmen from Cambio Radical, Liberal and the Green Party will finish in the Third. In the case of the Fourth, the Conservative Party will follow, followed by the U Party and the Green Party will close.


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