Petro called to "discuss in the streets" the reforms that are coming

Petro called to “discuss in the streets” the reforms that are coming

A few weeks before the Congress of the Republic resumes its sessions, President Gustavo Petro made a call on the reforms that his government will present.

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We have called for a great social dialogue to change Colombia. We have been willing to arrange the reforms“, he expressed, through his Twitter account.

The president recounted the major issues on his agenda, which include the labor, health and pension reforms and even a change from fossil fuels to tourism and clean energy: “We defend water above greed because it is life, we defend not raising tolls and diesel to defend the food basket of poor people.”

According to what he said, he also defends an increase in the minimum wage “like never before” in order to reactivate the economy. In parallel, he plans an agrarian reform “to give the peasants land and have more food.”

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In addition, Petro assured that, in terms of education, he will defend an increase in the budget of the sector “for more equality and opportunities”.

The labor one for more stability at work, the pension so that no old person dies of cold in the street, the health one to make it a real right“, he added.

“We defend making peace because in war only poor young people die and only mafia businessmen win. We defend Colombia as a world power of Life. And, therefore, we are not only willing to dialogue, we are also mobilizing,” he announced.

Under the premise of “discussing in the streets the reforms that are coming,” he invited the government forces to mobilize and to society in general on February 14 and May 1.

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