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March 14, 2023
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Petro and political parties reach an agreement to unlock the health reform

Three parties propose a new health reform with changes in the EPS

The health reform It has been one of the projects of the Gustavo Petro government that has received the most criticism. Especially from other parties that have even come to formulate counter-reforms.

(Read: According to the Ministry of Health, functions must be subtracted from the EPS).

In the last hours, David Racero, president of the House of Representatives, announced that the National Government reached an agreement with the Conservative party and ‘La U‘ to unlock the health reform.

We have white smoke. The health reform is gaining more and more force in concert. We will have a mixed public-private system“said the congressman after a meeting between the president and representatives of these two parties.

A few hours prior to this, the Minister of Health, Carolina Rocho, had assured at an Andi event that the project could be withdrawn from Congress if certain bases were not maintained to preserve its capacity to generate substantial changes in the sector.

(See: ‘The Government will withdraw the reform if the essentials do not pass’: Minsalud).

These terms were ratified by Dilian Francisca Toro, head of the U, and Efraín Cepeda, president of the Conservative Party, who pointed out that the President accepted the need to keep the EPS alive, now called Health and Life Management Entities, under the understanding that the model cannot be only state.

Cepeda assured that the process will be socialized with his bench in a meeting this Wednesday, when they will hold a technical table. “The current EPS continue as health manager, to build on what has been built, but as we expressed it in our project with direct turn by the Adres and without vertical integration, it will be gradual while the Adres prepares. So there will be a period of transition to agreer,” he added.

In summary, it was agreed that there will be a mixed care model and the figure of health managers will be created, the debts of public hospitals They would be paid with future validity.

However, former president César Gaviria, leader of liberalism, with whom the other parties had drawn up the counterproposal to the reform, He did not go to the Casa de Nariño for scheduling reasons, as he explained. Therefore, she will meet with her peers and a public pronouncement is expected.

(Read: ‘The health system must focus on prevention’).

On the other hand, opposition congressmen, such as David Luna and Paloma Valencia, launched harsh criticism. “Minister, please, we must be open to debate and criticism. They cannot pretend that their Health Reform, which is also extremely dangerous, passes without any modificationLuna said.

Valencia also pointed out: “Congress is the one that decides the laws of the Republic, and if the Government does not like that Congress can exercise its function, it should withdraw the project. Congress will know how to come up with a project that will serve Colombians and not only to the minister”.


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