Petition from Petro to the IACHR about Castillo and the entity's position

Petition from Petro to the IACHR about Castillo and the entity’s position

The crisis that Peru is experiencing, with the removal of the former president Pedro Castillo and his subsequent arrest for rebellion continues to generate opinions on various fronts and Colombian President Gustavo Petro He continues to make his own clear.

This Thursday, December 8, one day after the events, the president made a request to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in which he requested that precautionary measures be issued in favor of Castillo.

(See: Petro spoke of Pedro Castillo: “He allowed himself to be led to political suicide”).

In addition, he said that the right to choose and be elected has been violated.

I ask the IACHR to apply the American Convention on Human Rights and issue precautionary measures in favor of the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo. The right to elect and be elected and to have an independent judging court have been violated“(SIC), Petro wrote on Twitter.

The president’s request came after some first opinions in which he assured that “Castillo, for being a professor in the Sierra and president of popular election, was cornered from the first day“.

(See: Pedro Castillo and the other 5 presidents that Peru has had in 4 years).

Castillo was wrong to try to dissolve Congress. Anti-democracy is not fought with anti-democracy. Noo achieved the mobilization of the people who elected him, he allowed himself to be led to political and democratic suicide. Hopefully Peru finds the path of dialogue“, he added.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued a statement, also this Thursday, in which it expressed its position regarding the crisis in Peru.

(See: Pedro Castillo was arrested for the crime of rebellion).

On the decision made by former President Castillo to dissolve Congress, dI said that “the action ignores the provision of article 134 of the Constitution regarding the unilateral dissolution of the Legislative. In addition, it decrees the suspension of constitutional rights related to freedom of locomotion, association without specific criteria; and orders, unilaterally, the reorganization of the entire judiciary“.

Regarding the decision of the Peruvian Congress to declare the presidential vacancy, generating the constitutional succession in Vice President Dina Boluarte, the entity said that It was an immediate action in defense of democracy.

Opponents of Pedro Castillo protesting.


The institutional breakdown is avoided and reaffirms that democracy must be safeguarded by the rule of law. In this regard, the OAS Charter and the Inter-American Democratic Charter, as well as different international instruments establish that respect for human rights; access to power and its exercise with strict adherence to the rule of law; the holding of periodic, free and fair elections and the separation and independence of public powers are essential elements of democracy to achieve stability, peace and development in the region“, held.

(See: Dina Boluarte assumes as the first president in the history of Peru).

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, December 7, Castillo was preparing for the vacancy motion against him in Congress.

But before that appointment, he surprised with a speech in which he temporarily dissolved the Legislature and declared a “exceptional emergency government“.

Castillo’s justification for his decision was “the disastrous obstructionist work of the majority of congressmen“.

(See: What comes after the political crisis in Peru and the arrest of Castillo?).

However, the decision he made was not supported by his cabinet and his ministers resigned. Citizens were also against it.

Hours after the announcement, Congress dismissed Castillo for ‘moral incapacity’ and decreed that Vice President Dina Boluarte assume the Presidency, which happened.

castle, also he was arrested for rebellion.

Dina Boluarte

Dina Boluarte, new president of Peru.



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