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Peter says that "water and education" for Guajira, they are a priority of his government

Peter says that "water and education" for Guajira, they are a priority of his government

With a list of applications indigenous leaders received President Gustavo Petro in the municipality of Uribia where he began his agenda with a tour of the amushe Community, where he then went on to verify the conditions of the Mapuain Rural Integral Ethno-educational Institutionwhich welcomes hundreds of Wayuu children from this area of ​​the Department of La Guajira.

In the midst of traditional dances and a group of traditional authorities, he was also received in the Pesuapa community, where he gave important notes regarding the problems of water, health and education that La Guajira faces.

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Water and education must become the watchwords for La Guajira, for there to be a change in this region. To which I would also add higher education because we need to train men and women in clean energy,” said the president.

In this sense, Petro indicated that La Guajira has great wealth in the sun and other natural resources, so it cannot continue to be one of the departments with the greatest poverty.

For their part, the indigenous leaders intervened calling on the president to mainly solve the water shortage that this locality faces.

“Without a doubt, the most serious situation in this region is the lack of drinking water, especially in wayuu communities where its inhabitants must travel several kilometers for hours to get the liquid out of the wells, which is still not suitable for human consumption, a problem that leads to the effects on the health of the population and the increase in cases of malnutrition in the department “, he stated Eduardo García, Wayuu palabrero.

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Finally, the traditional authorities expressed gratitude for the visit of the national president, assuring that after almost 80 years, the mandate of Gustavo Rojas PinillaPetro would be the second president to come to this area to meet with the Wayuu people.

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