Pervis Estupiñán: "Why not dream?"

Pervis Estupiñán: “Why not dream?”

First of all, congratulations. The 1-0 in the first leg made us very happy

Thank you. It was a difficult game but we left feeling good because Bayern are one of the best teams in the world. It is true that, seeing how the game went, we had other clear opportunities and that way we could have gotten something more out of them, but we left happy

When you got Baryern in the draw, what did you think?

In the draw you don’t want to face the big ones but to avoid them, but when it’s your turn you can’t back down and you have to show up and compete. We wanted to ignore it, but he touched us like that and people assumed it

And now, what are the sensations? Is the feat close?

It was a positive result. It’s a complicated field there and they will be prepared and desperate to find a comeback. We, with the mentality of deactivating them in their strong zone. gotta go win

Do they even believe that they can be among the four best in Europe?

No. When we won the Europa League the same thing happened. But you have to dream and now we weigh for an incredible moment. The Champions League is incredible, but we know that this type of rival is one of the favourites. Winning gives you strength to be able to compete with those who come

What would you say to those who believe that what will happen is that, logically, Bayern will prevail?

Don’t rush them because the game hasn’t been played. It is a very good team but we are here because we have earned it and we have arrived with a lot of effort. Patience. We will leave the skin. For me, reaching the semis would be the best thing I have ever achieved, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Why not dream and continue making history?

What will be the key to this Tuesday’s match?

The mister has a plan for us and we have been working to deactivate them. We know them and we know that we have to improve even more what we achieved in the first leg. Having the ball we can hurt them

Which Bayern player impressed you the most?

I had never played against Bayern but you know them all because you have been watching them often and you also have them on the Play. I like Sané, Coman, Lewandowski himself and, above all, Alphonso Davis. They are the best in the world in their position

What does Emery tell them? Some message?

Everyone is highly motivated. His message is that we have to trust and not be afraid. We are already here we have to go for all

Which is the favorite in this Champions League in your opinion?

All, but we could say that Manchester City and Bayern

Do you miss Barça?

It’s always good to have this type of team in the Champions League. You always want to measure yourself against the best. Everyone wants to see the best, they’ll be back

Which full-backs would you sign for Barça in the summer if you were a coach?

Jordi Alba is one of the best left backs. I like him a lot, but because of his age he won’t be there anytime soon. I like a lot of them, but fitting into Barça’s game is not easy. Gayà is a good left back and Alphonso Davis

The last, about his future. Does he see himself leaving Villarreal soon with the poster he already has?

I have a contract until 2027. I am working and giving everything to the team. You never know. The footballer’s world moves you, but for now focused on Villarreal. You’ll see when it happens

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