Peru: Prosecutor's Office requests precautionary measures for politicians Guido Bellido and Vladimir Cerrón

Peru: Prosecutor’s Office requests precautionary measures for politicians Guido Bellido and Vladimir Cerrón

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office requested this Friday that precautionary measures be issued that include movement restrictions on former Prime Minister Guido Bellido and politician Vladimir Cerrón, founder of the party Free Peru that led Pedro Castillo to the Presidency, in an investigation that is being followed for alleged affiliation with terrorism.

The request also includes legislator Guillermo Bermejo, who came to Congress for Free Perubut later resigned from that bench, and was requested by the Specialized Supraprovincial Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes of Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity of the central Andean region of Huánuco. The Public Ministry specified in a statement that the provincial prosecutor Eneida Aguilar Solórzano required coercive measures for ten investigated in this case.

In addition to the appearance for Bellido, Cerrón, Bermejo and two others under investigation, he requested that preventive detention be issued for 18 months against five others involved, who are being investigated for the crime of obstruction of the investigation of terrorism.

What caused this?

The investigation is carried out based on a police report that indicated that in May 2021 a witness declared to have knowledge of an alleged link between Bermejo, Bellido and Cerrón with the remnants of the terrorist group. luminous path that move through the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM), which includes a large jungle area in central and southern Peru.

According to that report, the witness maintained that Bermejo and Bellido would have had direct contact with the Comrade Josephone of the leaders of the subversive group, in the VRAEM camps, while Cerrón did it through a person close to him.

The prosecutor also said that in September 2021 Bellido, Cerrón and Bermejo “would have carried out acts of obstruction” to the investigation, allegedly having contacted the witness through a lawyer to prevent him from testifying “offering him logistical support, money, asylum politician and protection for his family”. The Public Ministry added that the five involved in the case for whom preventive detention was requested “allegedly gave an amount of money” to the witness “for this purpose.”

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