Peru proposes chemical castration for child rapists

Peru proposes chemical castration for child rapists

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announced this Saturday that his government is evaluating drastic measures such as the application of mandatory chemical castration for rapists of minors, adolescents and women, as is already done in other countries of the world.

“Enough of so much violence, crimes of sexual violence against children will not be tolerated by this government, nor will they go unpunished. The pain of this family is also ours, I feel outraged at such cruelty “Castillo told the press.

The president made this proposal after the reprehensible case of kidnapping and rape of a three-year-old girl that occurred in the northern city of Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region and that has shocked the country.

The proposal has to be approved by Congress.

“This atrocious and inhumane fact leads us to an enormous reflection as a country to adopt more severe State public policies that safeguard the human rights of the most defenseless that are our children, and chemical castration is an option, we cannot wait any longer”, Indian.

The president stated that the viability of this measure must be included in the Penal Code and that the approval of Congress will be needed for its legality, as has already been done in countries such as Russia, Poland, South Korea, Indonesia and Moldova, where it is already applied, as well as in some states of the United States.

“We urge Congress to support concrete measures in favor of the most vulnerable, because we cannot continue to tolerate these violent acts that damage our integrity as a society and destroy the lives of the defenseless,” he added.

Chemical castration consists of administering drugs that reduce libido and inhibit sexual desire. It is applied as a method of prevention against sexual assault, and also as a punishment for those who commit crimes of this nature.

Between Thursday and Friday several protest marches were held in Lima and other cities to demand justice for the three-year-old girl who She was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by Juan Antonio Enríquez, 48 years old.

Enríquez finds himself with nine months of preventive detention while the investigations are carried out.

According to the Ministry of Women, more than 21 thousand minors have been victims of rape in the last four years. In 2021, 6,929 cases were registered.

In Peru, rapists of children under 14 are sentenced to life in prison years.

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