Peru Libre denounces threats against congresswoman Kelly Portalatino

Peru Libre denounces threats against congresswoman Kelly Portalatino

Congressmen from the bench of denounced the existence of threats against their spokeswoman, supposedly for his statements where he asks the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations to expedite the complaint against the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides.

Through his social networks, the parliamentarian Guido Bellido She expressed solidarity and showed her support for her colleague on the bench for the threats that she claimed she was receiving, against her and her family, as a result of her claims.

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Our solidarity and support for Kelly Portalatino, spokeswoman for Peru Libre, whom they threatened to attack her and her family due to the pronouncement and request for speed in the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations on the case against the Attorney General”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

For her part, the legislator Maria Aguero said that it “instigators of the coup d’état they would be responsible for any attack against Portalatino or his family.

We hold the instigators of the coup responsible for any attack against the spokeswoman for the parliamentary group of Free Peru and her family. Unfortunate events have happened to those of us who really defend democracy, the voice of the people will never be silenced”, he stated.

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The Secretary General of Peru Libre did the same. Vladimir Cerronwho expressed solidarity with the congresswoman and urged the authorities to investigate the case and provide the corresponding guarantees.

My open solidarity with the congresswoman from Peru Libre, Kelly Portalatinoin the face of the threats she has been receiving against her and her family. We hope that the authorities investigate the case, provide the guarantees and the ministry of Women this time is not indifferent”, Cerrón expressed on Twitter.


Statements by Aníbal Torres, President of the Council of Ministers

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