Peru achieved business above US$ 21 million at the fair in the Netherlands

Peru achieved business above US$ 21 million at the fair in the Netherlands

The Foreign Trade Guild (X.COM) of the (CCL) estimated that Peru achieved negotiations of over US$21 million for the next 12 months, due to its participation in the International Private Label Fair (PLMA 2022), which was held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on May 31 as of June 1 this year.

Four important Peruvian companies from the agribusiness sector (Danper, Virú, Gandules and Greenbox) exhibited their products at said fair, whose participation was organized by the X.COM of the CCL with the support of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (Promperú), through the Commercial Office in the Netherlands.

The international event was attended by 2,499 exhibitors, including nearly 71 national and regional pavilions. Peru was the only Latin American country that had a national flag. In addition, PLMA 2022 received more than 15,000 visitors from 122 countries, who attended with the objective of learning about products and suppliers for their brands that are suitable for their operations and clients.

Among the products that were exhibited in Amsterdam were: fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods; dry foods and beverages; as well as non-food product categories.

main buyers

The Foreign Trade Union of the CCL specified that the main buyers of Peruvian products were 22% from the Netherlands, where the fair was held; 20% from North America; 18% from Germany; 14% from the UK; 10% from Belgium and 15% from other European countries.

While the products with the greatest acceptance were ready to eat, such as preserved and artichokes, preserved mango and pineapple, jalapeños and cherry pepper; sauces and canned vegetables; processed peppers; and dehydrated fruits, such as pineapple, mango and aguaymanto.

Likewise, the Foreign Trade Union of the CCL also stressed that, of the total contacts established by Peruvian companies, 25% were supermarkets and distributors, 33% importers, 9% wholesalers and 8% agents.

This fair was a great opportunity for Peruvian companies to increase their client portfolio with supermarket chains, hypermarkets, discount stores, drug stores, department stores; as well as importers and exporters, producers, sales agents and specialized stores looking for suppliers for their brands”, noted the CCL.

This specialized event, which is not open to the general public, brings together buyers, especially from large retail companies and supermarket chains, who seek to stock up on certain products, especially food, from the so-called “private labels”.

It should be noted that, at said fair, the tariff benefits that Peru has to enter the European market were detailed, given that Peruvian exports of these products enter duty free.


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