Perfect aubergines: How and with what to cook them at home

Perfect aubergines: How and with what to cook them at home

Aubergines are one of the least consumed vegetables in our country, as they are not part of any list of ingredients in national recipes. However, it is a food that, in addition to having great benefits for our health, offers many possibilities in the kitchen.

The first thing is to choose a good eggplant, the skin of this should be smooth and not too soft to the touch. Well, if it gives easily when squeezed, it may have too many seeds. Once the aubergine has been chosen, the bitterness must be removed. Cut the eggplant and add salt on the surface. Let stand upside down until all the bitter liquid is released.


Eggplants absorb too much oil. So before frying them, the ideal is to soak them in milk with ice. If you do it this way, it is not necessary to go through the step of adding salt, since the milk also counteracts the bitter taste. Once soaked in milk, drain them a little and pass them through wheat flour, then directly into the hot oil. They will be crisp and firm.


Baking them will always be a great option. You can season them with your favorite condiments, but to take advantage of space, we recommend putting them in the oven along with other foods such as carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. Cook them over high heat, about 180 ° C.


Using the griddle to cook aubergines is very simple, all you have to do is heat it up beforehand and cut pieces that are not very thin. It is important to choose the freshest aubergines for this technique, otherwise they will be stiff and hard.


There are many kinds of aubergines, but the most cultivated are the intermediate ones such as the Paula, Diva or Cava varieties; dark purple, slightly flat and elongated. The round ones like the Rondona or the Black Beauty have a more circular shape and weigh between 300-400 grams.

air cooler

The airfrier is the device that has become fashionable in recent months. There you can prepare them in many ways, but remember to grease them with a little oil. It is also important to stir every so often so that it cooks evenly.

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