Pereira asks "big deals" in view of "advance of drug trafficking"

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, called for “political responses, great agreements and rigor” in the face of the “advance of drug trafficking”. “It is necessary to work to institutionally strengthen Uruguay in a new context and improve the political party financing law“, he stated in a letter that he spread through his social networks, hours after the questioning for the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker Sebastián Marset.

After a long instance in which the opposition requested the censorship of the Ministers of the Interior and Foreign Affairs, Luis Alberto Heber and Francisco Bustillo, respectively, Pereira assured that the entire episode is “an embarrassment of the government”.

“The alarms were activated, but the authorities did not act accordingly. The situation was warned and the Foreign Ministry was consulted, according to the newspaper The Observer: “The diplomat warned that the 31-year-old Uruguayan was in prison for entering Dubai with a false Paraguayan passport and, at the time, asked if he should go to jail to take his fingerprints. She also asked if the issuance and delivery of the passport could take place while Marset was in prison or should it wait for his release,” she wrote.

“As in all cases, after all these failures, the passport had to be transferred by the diplomatic bag, but the times that this procedure took did not coincide with the times of Marset, for which the Foreign Ministry handed it over to his lawyers and brought a relative from Marset. All this equipment was used simply to avoid a deportation from Marset. We believe that the passport should not have been issued,” he said.

“As comrade Mario Bergara, questioning member, pointed out, in no case is the motivation inspired by the presumption of links between authorities and criminal organizations, its objective was to clarify the political responsibilities derived from the facts,” he said in reference to Parliamentary body this Monday.

“The instance allowed new elements to be discovered, but, as the Frente Amplio party expresses, the explanations were insufficient. The ministers did not admit the political errors that cannot be verified and that does not do the institutions or our democracy any good,” he said.

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