People's Force proclaims itself as heir to the 1J4 fight

People’s Force proclaims itself as heir to the 1J4 fight

In an act headed by the full Political Directorate, the Fuerza del Pueblo party paid funeral honors to the prominent leader and former president of the Dominican Workers’ Party (PTD), Esteban Díaz Jáquez, who was one of the founders of the revolutionary movement 1J4.

Within the framework of the funeral acts for Díaz Jáquez, who was also a member of the Central Directorate of FP, a manifesto was read on the occasion of commemorating this Tuesday, June 14, the 63rd anniversary of the patriotic deed led in 1959 by Enrique Jimenez Moya.

Onofre Rojas, a member of the Political Directorate of FP, stated that “the Gesta Gloriosa de Constanza, Maimón and Estero Hondo was an expedition made up of 198 men, Dominicans in exile and a group of foreigners, which constituted the greatest challenge faced had done in all its history to the Trujillo tyranny, which was already approaching 30 years.

He pointed out that most of the militants who confronted the regime were destined for prison, death or exile, so that a good part of those who managed to survive had to set sail for foreign beaches. “And from them they organized the resistance and made the decision, after the attempt of the Cayo Confites expedition in 1947, to return to the homeland with the aim of establishing a democratic regime, of economic prosperity for all and guaranteeing political and social rights. fundamental,” he said.

He argued that the People’s Force proclaims itself as heir to the struggle of the heroes and martyrs of June 14 and the June 14 Revolutionary Movement, led by Manolo Tavárez Justo, and of the theses and political practices that Professor Juan Bosch embodied. “Our origin based on the defense of the Constitution identifies us as a constitutionalist force.”

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