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“People believe they have the right to give their opinion without knowing, we understand that something was not done well”

The president of IPS, Vicente Bataglia, maintained that in this country there are many opinion experts who speak without knowing. He indicated that he is aware that “something was not done well” and that the first steps have already been taken.

The doctors who participated in the surgery in which the wrong leg was amputated from a 78-year-old patient are removed from their posts for the duration of the investigation, according to IPS head Vicente Bataglia.

He indicated that he found out what happened on Sunday afternoon and that, from then on, he instructed the Hospital Directorate to form an investigation table.

“We are full of opinion experts, people believe they have the right to give their opinion without having a clear idea of ​​what happened, they do it from their belief and make it a truth,” Bataglia said in an interview with 780 AM.

He revealed that the head of Traumatology has already submitted his resignation and that the other doctors will not be in charge of any patient until the results of the investigation are obtained.

“Clearly we understand that something was not done well, since a treated patient comes out without having the peace of mind that the correct thing was done to heal,” he insisted.

The Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation to determine whether or not there was negligence in the intervention carried out by the surgeons, where two of them acted as responsible for the decisions made.

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